At Arundel Language Institute, we believe every student should be inspired and challenged to reach their full potential. This is why we are busy creating a new curriculum to prepare young people to become leaders in the world through personalised learning, our global vision and commitment to the community. Our new curriculum will provide the key to each student to realise his/her full potential based on international standards of educational excellence and each individual's unique learning style.

The S.i.p.Programme

We believe that education is the key to individuals becoming responsible global citizens. We believe that education should address all aspects of the students’ development and that it should value and respect their individuality. The whole staff, parents and students themselves significantly contribute to the growth of the students’ intellectual curiosity, understanding, creativity and open-mindedness. Education must foster independent thinking, critical analysis and an appreciation and understanding of difference of opinion, and all children do not learn in the same way and therefore allowances must be made for differences in learning styles. 

Our Goal

We, the A.L.I. community, work together to facilitate the intellectual, emotional and social development of our students, to promote international understanding and enable students to make a difference to the world in which they live.