Semi International Programme Plus (S.I.P.+)


The S.I.P.+ Curriculum

S.I.P.+ offers all its students an outstanding education at an international level. This requires specific attention to the individual abilities, talents and needs of every student, to ensure the intellectual, social, moral, emotional and spiritual development of each individual. In all aspects of its multi-disciplinary approach, the curriculum is designed to reflect and implement the S.I.P+’s philosophy and the mission statement.

The S.I.P.+ curriculum is based upon six inquiries per year, each of which incorporates languages, mathematics, sciences, technology and the humanities. Arts are also integral to the primary years curriculum. All six inquiries require individuals to learn how to organise themselves and their work, develop a broad repertoire of approaches to learning, co-operate with others, and develop international awareness and social understanding. The S.I.P.+ curriculum provides a sound, broadly based education that allows all students to achieve to their capacities.

The S.I.P.+ encourages students to:

develop a strong set of problem solving strategies
think critically
develop knowledge and skills to apply to new situations or tasks continue to question throughout their lives
develop a sense of international mindedness
take action as a result of the learning process.

Students will:

learn through inquiry
build on prior knowledge
work individually, with a partner and in groups
be listened to
be curious, be inquisitive, ask questions, explore and interact with the environment physically, socially and intellectually
be supported in their journey to become independent, autonomous learners learn through differentiated experiences, which accommodate for the range of abilities and learning styles in a group. 


The S.I.P.+ Student Outline

The aim of all S.I.P+. programmes is to develop open-minded students who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. 

Enabling the learner to generate a great many ideas, answers, choices, or ways to do something

Letting the learner find and fit a variety of categories by varying sizes, shapes, quantities, time limits, requirements, objectives, or dimensions

Enabling the learner to seek new ideas by suggesting unusual twists or by coming up with clever responses to a given situation

Helping the learner stretch a topic by expanding, enlarging, enriching, or embellishing possibilities that build on previous thoughts or ideas

Risk Taking
Involving the learner in trying new challenges, experimenting with new ideas, taking chances or dealing with the unknown

Permitting the learner to make sense of a complicated idea, create structure in an unstructured setting or build a logical order in a given situation

Encouraging the learner to follow a hunch, question alternatives, ponder outcomes, and wonder about options

Enabling the learner to visualise possibilities, build images in his or her mind, picture new objects, or wonder about things that do not currently exist



The Skills Students Will Develop

Throughout their learning in the S.I.P.+, students acquire and apply a set of skills, which are valuable not only for the teaching and learning that goes on within classroom but also in life outside the school.

  • Thinking skills

  • Social skills

  • Communication skills

  • Self-management skills

  • Research skills


The Attitudes Students Will Develop

The S.I.P.+ encourages attitudes that contribute to the well being of the individual and of the group. Students develop personal attitudes towards people, the environment and learning. At S.I.P.+ we encourage:

  • Appreciation
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Independence
  • Respect

The curriculum for this year's prathom students